Gardener's Dilemma

This flower is called "rak dokmai" in Thai language ( rak = love, dokmai = flower). I have yet to know its English name. I had 3 bushes of this.

I love its star-shaped flowers.

This kind of plant grows and blooms so fast.

The leaves and stems are tender and caterpillars love them.

I have seen many lovely butterflies born in my garden. And I love the sights of them!

These little critters can eat the leaves so fast.

Should I save my flowers or these soon-to-be butterflies?

In my garden, I don't only grow plants.
I grow butterflies, and wisdom to solve dilemmas in real life.

Trust in the LORD with all your heart
       and lean not on your own understanding;  
in all your ways acknowledge him,
       and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3:5-6

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  1. Hiya,
    That is indeed a dilemma:
    Beasties or flowers, which are you going to protect.
    I like to see butterflies, but some of them have larvae that demolish a rosebush inside an hour. They are mostly from the small Cabbage Whitefly butterfly. If mine were the Monarch, which I presume is yours? then I would probably leave them. I have never seen a Monarch in the UK.
    (I came from the Sat.Day Macro meme from Romania).

  2. I grow sacrifical plants as I call them - favourites of the butterflies here and I always hope that they will lay their eggs on those ones rather than other flowers so that the young caterpillars can graze on those. My sacrifical ones this year are nasturtiums.

    Lovely photos :) Rosie, Centre of Interest photoblog

  3. I have that dilemma too...what to save {:>( Perhaps I'll start planting 2 of everything. One for show and one to grow butterflies.

  4. I think you should grow butterflies : )

  5. Isn't he a beautiful caterpillar. I bet he will be a beautiful butterfly.

  6. That is not a monarch caterpillar, but it sure is pretty! I can understand your dilemma, but I would be inclined to let the caterpillars grow into butterflies, if the plants are doing well. And those starry flowers are so beautiful!! I like the purple tips on the petals!!

  7. I love butterflies, they are so beautiful.But it's also the flowers. Difficult problems ....

  8. hi,

    this a "white crown" flower, calotropis gigantea; in Thailand it is called dok rak.

    qaderrr, from Bahrain


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