Little Creatures in the Garden

All things bright and beautiful, 
 all creatures great and small, 
 all things wise and wonderful:  
 the Lord God made them all. 
 Each little flower that opens, 
 each little bird that sings, 
 God made their glowing colors, 
 and made their tiny wings. 
 The purple-headed mountains, 
 the river running by, 
 the sunset and the morning 
 that brightens up the sky.
The cold wind in the winter, 
 the pleasant summer sun, 
 the ripe fruits in the garden: 
 God made them every one. 
  God gave us eyes to see them, 
 and lips that we might tell 
 how great is God Almighty, 
 who has made all things well. 
 -Cecil Frances Alexander
All photos are taken in a friend's beautiful. 
I thank her for my time well spent there. 

Camera Critters


  1. What gorgeous shots. Love that snail in the last photo.

  2. Very pretty, every shot!!!

  3. All of these photos are just beautiful. Your friend has a gorgeous garden and you did a superb job of photographing it.

  4. These are glorious shots. The bird is beautiful and it's so difficult to get those butterflies so this shot was a real treat. Well done.

  5. One of my favorite hymns and beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for sharing them. I was particularly taken with the first one. I suppose we all have our favorites but I think this one was mine, although I truly did enjoy them all.
    An English Girl Rambles

  6. What a fabulous place to take photos or critters and flowers!

  7. Wow! I love the butterfly and the snail! its been a while since I saw a snail.. and the one in your photo is really freaking me out! lol! :)

  8. Gorgeous flowers with the little critters!

  9. Even the smallest deserve our attention. :)
    Lovely selection of some of our littlest critters.

  10. Gorgeous pictures! Those critters are just wonderful to see..


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