Red Roses

During my recent trip to Hong Kong, I was invited to a friends' house-warming dinner. My dear friends' little apartment was so cute and cozy. If you've been to HK, you know how expensive to have your own apartment so every inch counts! My friends did a good job in making use of every space and in decorating their home. Here are some shots of the roses in the vase by the tv set. Loved the fullness of each rose. They look so friendly!

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.

 - Emma Goldman



  1. Absolutely beautiful photos of the roses--how can you go wrong with a rose! I scrolled down and your other flower shots are excellent. So pretty. Mickie

  2. Beautiful collage of roses!

    Carletta@Round The Bend

  3. An absolutely beautiful bouquet and your rose mosaic a
    stunning work.

  4. Love these friendly roses--they are perfect!

  5. I've been longing to visit HK but have no budget yet. I am loving the roses and that cute glass vase.

    My reds:
    Friends' Visit
    CR redwine

  6. Wow, Hongkong must be a very nice place that it is so expensive there. The roses are stunning! My Ruby Tuesday


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