My Birthday Flower

It's 50 days now that I've been away from my own garden. The gardener in me finds a little bit of satisfaction in scattering seeds from my garden when I jog in the mornings around the campus where I'm doing my MA studies. In the campus there's a prayer garden where my soul is always satisfied. Two days ago, I was there early in the morning. I saw this fragrant bloom that melted my heart. I don't know its name but I call it my birthday flower because it bloomed on my day.


  1. Gorgeous bloom!

    Please take a peek of the Flowers at my page. Have great week ahead!

  2. What a stunning mosaic, I don't know what type of plant that is either but you captured it beautifully.
    Belated Happy Birthday To You!
    Maggie @ Normandy Life

  3. it really is a gorgeous flower. A prayer garden - what a wonderful place to have on campus to escape to. Have a wonderful week.


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