Something White From My Garden

The fragrant Jasmine in the night...
the beauty of Hibiscus in the morning light.... 
the hanging plaque that commands the gardener to rejoice with her blooms in sight...
they all blur when the gardener saw a promise of life --
in the birdhouse something glowed in white!

Inserted Note: Many have asked about the green fruit in the collage. It's called sugar apple (Atis). More info here.


  1. lovely photos..love it..:)

    Visiting from WW here's mine BBW Hand Sanitizer, Dashing Smile and Wedding

  2. I love these scene! Thanks for sharing!
    I love the poem I super enjoyed reading!

    Atis-- it's been a while since I saw and ate one! :D

    Visiting from WW. My whites are these:
    White Castle @ the Library
    Portraits at the Milwaukee Art Museum
    White Aster

    Hope to see you! Have a wonderful day!

  3. Atis! Yummy Atis!..love the poem and the photos sis. Visiting from WW.

    Pretty Kat

  4. wow nice poem te.. and i love those whites! thanks for sharing and for joining WW this week!

  5. Simply beautifully captured shots & the words...lovely!

  6. Great collage - love how you focused in on that egg!

  7. Beautiful captures all! Awesome shot of the egg in the birdhouse.

  8. Just lovely, I wish i had some jasmine in my garden. Your mosaic is beautiful.

  9. The flowers are all very beautiful and the words as well. I can't figure out what that huge, ball-like fruit is. Very interesting, nice shots.

  10. What a lovely collage. This big plant looks like a heart and yes I have seen the little egg :) Thanks for sharing with WEF and have a nice weekend! :) LG Tina

  11. you have beautiful flowers in your garden!

  12. Everything is beautiful but my favorite is the tiny egg at the back of the birdhouse, great shots. I think others have asked but what is the fruit (?) above the sign?


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