My Gardening Dilemma

When I had a large yard to garden, I wished I had a smaller one so it was easier for me to tend. Now that I have a small garden, I wish I have a bigger garden to have plenty of space for all the flowers and vegetables I want to plant, and perhaps a little space for my cosy garden shed where I can keep my gardening tools, pots and seeds.
I went online to search for garden sheds that I like and I found some fab ones.
 This one caught my attention first. My girls would enjoy this as their playhouse! 
This one looks cosy and looking at those chairs made me want to have my tea there. 
This one, too, is big enough to keep all my craft boxes and other projects. 
I bet men, like my dad and husband, would prefer a  straight forward shed like this one.  
Which one should I choose?
Credits: Photos from Google Sharing Images

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  1. Those are play houses? So grand!.. awesome! I prefer to have an average size one.. not too big not too small.. for practical maintenance :)

    BTW, thank you so much for dropping by. :)


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