Nelumbo Nucifera: LOTUS

Lotus is often mistaken as waterlily or the other way around. I, too, made the same mistake calling the waterlily in my garden as lotus. Though both kinds of flowers grow in water garden, they are entirely different plants.

The seed head in the middle is distinct to lotus flowers. It's one thing I look for to be sure it's lotus and not waterlily. It surely stands out and you wouldn't miss it.

The lotus seeds are edible and the seed head, when dried, is popularly used in flower arrangements.

Lotus is an important plant in Thailand which is a predominantly Buddhist country.According to legend, Buddha was born with the ability to walk and lotus flowers bloomed everywhere he stepped.

Aside from its religious importance, lotus is also a useful plant. The buds are sold everywhere to be used as offerings to Buddhist altars. The flowers, seeds, and roots are all edible, and the petals are often used as garnishing. A lotus leaf, which can grow as big as 60cm in diameter, is used as a wrap for food.

This week, I made some changes in my garden. I already have a spot for my future lotus plant. I can't wait to behold a lotus blooming in my own garden.


  1. A gorgeous flower indeed and so special!
    The center with the seeds is very interesting and you've find a great angle to show it.
    Much luck for growing your own plant and see it blooming!

  2. Wprawdzie u nas nie ma w oczkach wodnych kwiatów lotusu, ale dobrze wiedzieć jak jest różnica. Dziękuję za tę wiedzę.Bardzo ładne zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam

  3. that seed head looks like has lots of eyes :))

  4. The lotus is really beautiful with the petals on and the petals off. Your photo shows how lovely it can be in all stages of its life. Also, I was very interested in reading this information. thank you very much.

  5. beautiful, visiting for PF, mine is up at http://www.prettysinglemom.com/2011/11/when-frances-imee-turned-1.html, see yeah..


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