Beach Garden

Before I got so fond of gardening, collecting seashell was my favorite past time.

Then my friend inspired me to collect sea glass, as well. I love the colored ones.

Now that I live away from the beach, I thought of something that helps bring that happy feeling whenever I'm in the beach.

I brought the "beach" feeling in my garden.
I'm happy that I have now a place for my seashells.

The bird bath has got a new look ....

...and my flowers are still in bloom.

In my new house, I have a very little space for my garden.
But I'm just glad that I could still do more with it.

There are no gardening mistakes,
only experiments.

  ~Janet Kilburn Phillips

       Watery Wednesday        


  1. These seashells are very decorative, I would like to have some for my flower pots too.
    You've found the right place for them.

  2. The shells are beautiful and your pink flower is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the on Macro Flower Saturday!

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  3. I love seashells too and these are so unique. Beautiful little flower as well. The texture is so rich.

  4. I love the water drops on that blossom, and the shells and beach glass!!! I recently saw a necklace with beach glass and pearls - it was beautiful!!

  5. mary ,
    Mary,quite contrary,

    What does your garden grow?


  6. The seashell garden looks great.. Thanks for sharing. =)

    Please check out mine, too. I'd really appreciate it if you could also drop a comment. =)


  7. Interesting beach garden [love the sea glass!] and I'm glad your flowers are still blooming.
    Hugs & blessings!

  8. I don't live anywhere near the beach, but do like seashells...you have given me an idea for some that I have in storage. I'll put them in my garden next spring! Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

  9. What a good idea to put sea shells in the bird bath. I love to collect shells also. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  10. What a great idea to use your seashells for your garden. Looks like you still have some lovely blooms. Wonderful photos.

  11. What a beautiful way to decorate your garden!


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