Flowers and Musings In My Garden

These are the few of the many flowers I have in my garden.

Everyday I wonder of their beauty and uniqueness.

One cannot be compared with the other.

Even the ones of the same variety, though they seem to look alike, each of them differ from one another in size, in shade of color, the petal arrangement, and the length of stems.

I don't know all them by name but surely their Maker does.

I'm sure He knows, too, the number of petals and leaves as much as He knows the number of my hair.

He is mindful of His creation. Not one sparrow falls down on the ground without His knowledge and I wonder how it is with flowers?

Does He feel sad as I do each time I see a dying plant in my garden?

Does He rejoice seeing new buds or when seedlings spring up from the ground?

My mind wanders when I'm in the garden......

There are questions left unanswered.....but that does not matter.....

Gardening gives me power over life.

I make life happen.  So much like my Creator.

I am created in His image and likeness.

I rise above all other created things!

"The LORD is righteous in all his ways
       and loving toward all he has made."
Psalm 145:17 

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  1. Hi, I just started a blog, and named it "Flowers and Musings". I hadn't seen your blog until after it was all done.

    I've looked around your blog a bit, and it is absolutely beautiful!! I should be so fortunate for my blog be half as lovely.

    Love your Scriptures about the garden.



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